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Malifaux October releases

Let’s be honest here. GenCon came 2 months early this year for Wyrd. With all the work they put into pre-releasing lots of avatars, they ran out of time to release the last models from book 2. So october seems to be the month for tying up loos ends.

Let’s start off with the bad. I was already afraid to see this model when I saw the concept art in the second book. Luckily, the miniature looks better. But not much. The idea of an ashen core carried around by a dust cloud is brilliant, but the resulting miniature is... well, boring to be honest. Too bad, because I was really looking forward to adding this one to my Leveticus crew.

On to the good stuff then. Everybody’s favorite undead hooker is finally up for sale! We’re talking about Molly Squidpiddge of course. A beautiful miniature (every goth’s favorite fantasy) that will be added to many a Seamus crew, I figure.

In Molly’s wake, there’s the Crooligans. Little lost orphans that wander around the city, ready to steal and kill to make a... well, living, by lack of a better word.

To top of Molly’s starter box, we finally get the rogue necromancy. Finally an undead beast that can deal some real damage. You can just hear McMourning players all over the world cheering in joy for the arrival of this beastie. I can’t wait to summon one of these in combat. "Surprise!" Followed by a big grin (note to myself: practice on maniacal grin)

And Molly is of course the only henchman so far to get her own totem, in the form of the Necrotic machine. Some kind of mechanized pet cat. Although cat might be stretching it a bit.

To top off all this necromantic goodness, we also get the alternate and avatar version of seamus (who were already released in preview during gencon). Talk about resser overload!

And while we are at the subject of the criminally insane: the arcanists also see their hench.. erm.. woman released. Kaeris she is called and if you read the excellent background stories in the last book, you know that she is a few cards shy of a full deck. The ultimate firestarter. Born on blazing wings, she flies around the battlefield and rains fire upon her foes like an angel straight out of hell. What else could you ever want?

And where there’s fire, there must be fire gamins. Think of the Ice gamins, but then the complete opposite. They set fire to just about anything on the battlefield. The only thing I will need for these are cool fire tokens to put everywhere, to really show the destruction they are causing.

To top off Kaeris’ boxed sets, there’s a female and a male gunsmith. Packed to the teeth with guns and not afraid to use them. As if Kaeris and her gamins wouldn’t cause enough damage on their own. I really want to get my hands on this box. I can just smell the sulfur and burned wood when looking at it.

As always, we save the best for last. The Mechanical rider is a clockwork steed with a clockwork rider. Armed with a sword and some kind of harpoon-axe that she can use to drag enemies along with her. I know all Leveticus fans were waiting for more riders, so it is easy to forget what an awesome model this will be to have in any regular Arcanist army.

More info on prices and release dates can be found on the Wyrd forum.

Infinity October releases

Alright, I made some of the previous abbreviations up but hell, the boys at Corvus Beli did it again.
Do these guys ever stop? I guess not.

First of the releases this month are the Aleph little helper-bots, the Yudbots.
They're small, have giant ears and are powered by Energizer batteries. Impossible to be cool you think?
Well, you'd be wrong. From now on the Sophotects of Aleph won't have to brave the crossfire anymore.
The small remotes make it possible for a Sophotect (docter-engineer) to help patients or make repairs from a safe distance and even be at 2 place at the same time.
To round the blister off they found space to put in a Netrod. These info-relays take care of the sophisticated data streams Aleph operatives needs to do their job.
Meaning, even if you only have a small amount of operatives on the field you'll never fall short of orders.

Next up is an additional release for the Prowlers of the Bakunin sectorial army.
Like 1 heavily armoured infiltrating camo'ed trooper armed with a Spitfire wasn't enough now they have access to another one, this time armed with an ADHL.
ADH-what? A glue-gun. That's right. Perfect to glue your enemy’s expensive models solid and then take your time to finish them off at your leisure.
And if you do you can always comment with a dry: "Well this is a sticky situation."
Good fun for all. But mostly for you.

The Caledonians of Ariadna are reinforced with a second Wulver grenadier.
These half-werewolves are well know for their rugged physique and their implacability. With their great strength they can go toe to toe with any heavy powered armour and are able to wield such heavy armaments like this MK12.
The enemies of Caledonia better watch out, 'cause like you can see from this model’s pose the Wulver Grenadiers like nothing better than to get "up close and personal".

The second rank citizens of the Yu Jing empire are tired of their soldiers having to bear the roll of cannon fodder. Then what do you do? You make robots to do your dirty work for you. And since you can, you make them female robots of course! They are called Karakuri.
They come with a full package, including stylish hairdo, heavy armour, serious firepower and a self destruct function. Once you've seen these babes in action you'll never think of Sony in the same way.
Especially not if you've seen I Robot.

The last of the releases this month gives form to all human sphere's soldiers worst nightmare.
The Sphinx TAG of the Shasvastii sectorial army is anything but a laughing matter. He's fast, tough, deadly… Oh yeah, he's invisible too!
Equipped with thermo optical camouflage, this TAG is supremely equipped to sow death, destruction and a extra big helping of confusion. Humans can take peace in the fact that it isn't as heavily armed and armoured as other TAGs. Though it isn't a big difference.

Among giants

The Prussians take great pride in their gargantuan robot, the Metzger; and here we have some more evidence of the thunderous beast seen walking across the fields (of war, one would presume) on its way to destroy……well, anyone it can find!

Soon to be found on a Dystopian wars battlefield near you!

After 20 years, it lives again!

Back in the day, long ago there was a sublime futuristic roleplay game called SLA Industries.
It had it all. Big guns, scary aliens, undead monstrosities eating little babies, Scary goths that set you on fire as soon as look at you...

And those were just the 'good guys'!

But you know how it is, companies get sold, books aren't printed anymore and great games die.

But now they're back!
Nightfall games has re-aquired their own game and have re-opened the store. So to speak.
They are already making new content and offering their books at a serious discount!
If you like sci fi and horror you better check it out.

Infinity releases for september

You know when a company comes out with something that is so great you just know the future only holds dissappointments? Because if it is THAT great how can they keep it up?
I wouldn't know but the boys at Corvus Beli are certeinly doing it 'cause the new releases are every bit as stunning as the last ones!
See for yourself:

First we got a Hexa operative with a multi sniper rifle. The hexas are the dirty work operatives of Pan-Oceania. They'll do anything to anyone to protect and further the goals of their nation. Real bastards that you love to hate. If only they didn't look so good!

Aleph's elite shock troops are strengthend by the arrival of their leaders; the Myrmidon officers. These leaders are every bity as deadly as the warriors they lead and the Myrmidon Officers have been created to lead the most effective and fierce assault troops in the Human Sphere. And they do it in style. Though their style does remind me of glam rock! :)

Haqqislam is the last faction to get their baggage carrying remotes but it was worth the wait. Rugged look? Check. Low tech? Check. Dangerous levels of awesomeness? Check! Cool name? Che... Heh? What? Yes, they're named Kameel remotes. 'cause You know, they do the same thing camels did hundreds of years in the past. AND they kick ass.

Last we have re-inforcements for the Convent of our Lady of the knife in the form of the long-coat-wearing religious fanatic: a sin-eater observant. And this time he has a Heavy machinegun. The ultimate in denial strategy this bad boy will make sure that the opponents turn will no longer be safer for him to move around; his neurocinetics boosting his reaction speeds to inhuman levels. And, you know, he wears a long coat. Which, barring Chuck Norris intervention, guarantees victory. Everyone knows that!

Malifaux avatar artwork & sculpts

Sometimes images speak louder than words ever could.

From the north they come

Spartan games has shown us preview renders and painted samples of the upcoming Covenant of Antarctica for Dystopian wars.

The painted naval box

The naval box renders and the naval carrier

Painted and unpainted armoured box.

The Covenant of Antarctica represents the technologically most advanced nation in the Dystopian universe. The small fighters are drones, for example. And it looks like all those ships have some pretty outlandish weaponry on them.

All of this should be available by August.

July news for Eden

With all this Wyrd goodness, we would almost forget that there are more games out there than Malifaux.
eger is a bird of prey that

Taban miniatures has show their july update for their nice little post-apocalyptic miniature game Eden.
Every post-apocalyptic world needs predators that roam the wilderness. In Eden they are called wandering monsters and you and your opponent take turn in controlling them. Joining the masses of mutated dogs and giant worms come 3 new additions: The degenerates were once human and they come in 3 variations. The scavenger is a bird of prey that hunts the ruins for the dead. And the most poisonous pet of them all is the foul corruptor.

Haunt your nightmares

Yes, I know. Even more Malifaux. I’m sorry guys, but Wyrd is REALLY gearing up towards Gencon.

Meet teddy-The nightmare edition:

And standing next to him is this year’s free miniature for every order of $100 or more. To show the scale of Teddy. And because I hadn’t showed her yet. And yes, she’s a female convict gunslinger, As if people needed ANOTHER reason to field one.

Now Teddy will have 2 heads in the box and 2 separate pairs of arms. In other words: just enough to make me buy 2 of them.

For more pictures (including the 2nd head): check the Wyrd forums

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